The brightness of the sun and the balmy breeze makes summer, a great time to arrange an outdoor party with family and friends! So here’s some cool ideas to get you going…

First, ask your friends to come in bright, flowing or floral garments to get that carefree feel.


Outdoor seating has to be comfy right? Spread a canvas awning over the sofa or chairs for that casual rendezvous. A unique idea would be to hang colorful or lacy white parasols for dollops of shade!



The place where you serve the food or share a meal needs to look vibrant and inviting. Hang bright, jazzy streamers over the table or use old wine bottles to showcase gorgeous flowers! If you have a creative streak, make some peppy paper pom poms or fans to liven up the background. See what we have: 


eat drink chic


Want to do something different? Arrange a vintage picnic with large paper lanterns and any vintage stuff you can lay your hands on…like old suitcases, gramophones etc.


If you have a backyard pool, you are really lucky! Get everyone to play some aquatic games or they can just laze around while floating.

sanpaloma austin

those hardings

Try out these ideas for table decor. Put flowers inside upside down glasses and perch candles on top to light after dark.


Use large leaves as coasters and bright, patterned plates and trays.

martha stewart


Paint old flower pots in bold colors to support the cutlery.

simply seleta

If you plan the party to continue after the sun goes down, use candle lanterns for a soft, soothing glow!

candle lanterns

A bit of imagination can go a long way when you serve drinks and delicacies. A watermelon punch bowl is so easy to make and can wow your friends!


Colorful fruit cocktails look good and taste wonderful too.


Freeze ice cubes with pieces of fruits inside and add flavors to your drink! They look amazing too.


Make champagne, summer special. Dip frozen Popsicle sticks in them to lend a sweet flavor!

southern living

An old fashioned lemonade stand, complete with all the classic equipment and paper streamers can be a showstopper!

Original_Paper-and-Cake-outdoor-lemonade-stand_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707Guests love to snack on something before the main course. Place cute little, colorful strawberry crates for each place setting.

style me pretty

Make these easy lemon boat place cards with toothpicks and decorative paper to add some zest!

lemon-boats marie claire

It’s a good idea to serve light, refreshing food in summer. Always have a fruit and veggie platter ready with some interesting dip or sauce.

sunset_fruit platter


Finally, a make your own sundae bar is always a hit! Make sure you have some great toppings to attract the crowd.

simply jyo

Photo credits: HGTV, Babble, Martha Stewart, Simply Jyo, Southern Living, Style Me Pretty, Those Hardings, Simply Seleta, Eat Drink Chic

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